Design For Love by Margaret Baumann

By Margaret Baumann

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Just what you'd expect. He was hopping mad. Nearly had a fatal seizure on the spot. ' 'Oh, Adam, if only he would! Then you'd be free. Free before it's too late. ' He had thought it often but never put it into words before. It sounded so right, so natural, he was suddenly exhilarated. He clasped Sharon's warm hands in his big cold ones. 'You know what I'm asking, don't you? This is how it has to be between us. We must be together always. ' 'Yes... ' She pulled her hands away. ' 'Please don't be.

She even felt called on to defend that old humbug, Cragill, though an intelligent girl must have seen through him in two minutes flat. 'As for the flowers we were arranging,' she went on valiantly, 'we must always go to Nature for embroidery designs, even if they end up stylized or abstract. I start the students off on basic design - lines and dots - and then show them how to build up a pattern. It's a matter of training the eye and establishing a colour range. ' 'Don't mention it,' said Sharon politely.

In front of her was propped the watercolour sketch: a conventional pattern based on a little park she passed every day on her way to work. Flower beds in geometrical shapes, rounded and pointed shrubs, a crisscross of paths and even a bandstand. Working it out had been fun, but now she loathed it - the delicate whimsy of a moment shrunk to something trivial and ordinary. It had to be laboriously plotted out on an immense sheet of paper, four yards by four, the actual size of the finished carpet.

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