Deadly Wrong (Deadly Mystery #2) by Victor J. Banis

By Victor J. Banis

The police say "involuntary manslaughter," yet a sad coincidence seems as an alternative to be homicide, simple and straightforward. And San Francisco murder Inspector Stanley Korski, on depart from the strength and his unrequited love for fellow detective Tom Danzel, walks into a murderer's net of treachery. flawed, Stanley. lethal flawed.

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You’re welcome to look around, course, if it makes you feel better. Unofficially. You learn anything new, you come to me with it, okay? This is Bear Mountain’s business. I’m just extending you a professional courtesy. ” He actually managed to keep a straight face when he said that. ” The Chief got up from his chair to indicate that the interview was over. “Course, so far as turning up anything of interest to our investigation, as you put it, bear in mind, our investigation is over. A boy is dead.

A young man appeared in it, watching Stanley’s approach with an air of apprehension. ” Carl Hunter might have been good looking, Stanley decided, if it weren’t for that hangdog air that hung about him like the scent of garlic to a French chef. He was tallish—though to Stanley, who was only a hair under five eight, most men were tallish—and he was lean, almost but not quite to the point of skinny, like one of those racing dogs. His body, what you could tell of it in the loose fitting and not very clean clothes, was nicely proportioned: wide shoulders, long legs.

Oh, it’s nothing embarrassing. Just part of the territory. Bear Mountain territory, really. ” “Don’t tell me I’m going to have to deal with dangerous animals and wild men—though, now that I think of it, a wild man or two wouldn’t be so bad. ” She laughed. “They’re more crude than wild. And, no, Bear Mountain isn’t like some John Wayne frontier town. More the opposite, actually. It’s very quiet, you know. Not a lot to do. The scenery is the best part of it. And, what happens is, these city folk, we call them flatlanders, they come up to visit, and at first, they love it.

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