Compliance with Information and Communication by United Nations

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This research bargains a practical approach to support the better Mekong Subregion international locations to outline and make certain their standards for shaping e-business laws and tackle such complicated matters as: agreement validity and enforceability, jurisdiction, privateness, purchaser safety, safeguard of transactions, highbrow estate, and on-line fraud.

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Causing an Injury within the State. An Internet business can also be subject to jurisdiction for purposefully causing an injury in another state. This principle derives from a series of cases where courts of another State acquired jurisdiction over non-residents who entered the state, caused an accident and left. If someone uses the Internet to cause an injury in one state, the person causing the damage may be hauled into court in the state where the injury occurred. 31 3. Minimum Contacts. A business or person with sufficient contacts with a particular state can be hauled to court even if he does not live, or base their business, in that State.

There were seven working committees in the e-National Task Force, namely: (a) e-Legal Infrastructure; (b) Information Infrastructure; (c) ICT Education; (d) e-Application; (e) ICT Standardization; (f) Liberalization; and (g) e-Measurement. The e-Legal Infrastructure Committee, chaired by the ViceAttorney General had drafted the cyberlaw which consisted of three major modules: (a) Myanmar computer science development law; (b) Myanmar telecommunications law; and (c) Myanmar electronic transaction law.

Openness. There should be a policy of openness about developments, practices and policies with respect to personal data. Accountability. The responsibility of a data controller to comply with data protection and privacy measures should be complemented by accountability for any breach. E. Encryption and Security in Online Transactions Security in online transactions is of high importance because in an open network, such as the Internet, information that flows is open to all who have access to the system.

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