Codes on Euclidean Spheres by T. Ericson, V. Zinoviev

By T. Ericson, V. Zinoviev

Codes on Euclidean spheres are usually known as round codes. they're of curiosity from mathematical, actual and engineering issues of view. Mathematically the subject belongs to the world of algebraic combinatorics, with shut connections to quantity idea, geometry, combinatorial conception, and - after all - to algebraic coding thought. The connections to physics happen inside of parts like crystallography and nuclear physics. In engineering round codes are of crucial value in reference to error-control in communique platforms. In that context using round codes is usually often called "coded modulation.The ebook deals a primary entire remedy of the mathematical concept of codes on Euclidean spheres. Many new effects are released right here for the 1st time. Engineering purposes are emphasised during the textual content. the idea is illustrated through many examples. The e-book additionally includes an intensive desk of most sensible recognized round codes in dimensions 3-24, together with distinct structures.

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