Cloaking White-Collar Crime in Hong Kong’s Property Sector by Yujing Fun

By Yujing Fun

Hong Kong's anti-corruption company, ICAC, is hailed as one of the world's most sensible having nearly thoroughly purged systemic corruption inside a decade of its inception. This ebook explains how Hong Kong continues the parable of a fresh urban and examines the superiority of white collar crime within the city's estate sector.

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To remedy these errant discourses, he ends his article by pointing out how the law, as it is defined, is an integral part of criminological research, and that the discipline will have nothing to stand on if it were not to define crime through the law. 27 Building on this attack, Robert Caldwell revisited the problem of white-collar crime to determine its value in criminology. Approaching it from a more sympathetic angle, Caldwell notes that he does not believe that the concept is meaningless, but neither does he believe it belongs in criminology.

This, as Baker points out, is how criticism becomes vitriol, as viewpoints, slowly creeping, establish something that is unproven as fact. Demonstrably, this slow creep is also the result of an ingrained bias towards wanting to see these possibilities as realities. ’59 Reapplying this assertion to the sociological study of white-collar crime, it is clear that this impatience has led to the escalation of such anti-business biases in sociology. From convincing themselves that the upper class is more criminal than the lower class, supporters of whitecollar crime have jumped the gun with academic niceties of data collection, analysis, and verification.

38 Cloaking White-Collar Crime in Hong Kong’s Property Sector As an example of how this ‘white-collar rationale’ influences honest businesspeople, Gelinas records how it makes the courts reluctant to limit prosecutorial powers in white-collar crime cases, since they hold the belief that prosecuting such crimes is unusually difficult and so they allow more leeway in the recovery and use of evidence. 100 And when one connects the dots, it is clear that this rationale has led to the unfair treatment and findings of criminality in cases that were merely deviant.

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