Claire Chennault: Flying Tiger (Famous Flyers) by Earle Rice

By Earle Rice

Profiles Claire Lee Chennault who, after retiring from the USA military Air Corps, volunteered as an consultant to Chiang Kai-Shek and led either chinese language and American air troops opposed to Japan in the course of international struggle II.

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Worse yet, most of the Italian-trained pilots could barely pilot their planes off the ground without crashing. And landings constituted a total catastrophe. ” His honesty, even though his answer was far from what Chiang wanted to hear, earned Chennault the complete trust of China’s leader for the rest of their years together. Following the Idzumo fiasco, China’s immediate need for skilled pilots became painfully apparent. q 11/21/02 1:38 PM Page 44 44 CLAIRE CHENNAULT Japanese troops, such as those shown here in 1938, continued to gain ground in China’s cities and villages.

Douhet never intended his theories—some right and some wrong—for universal consumption. But his futuristic imaginings fathered controversy around the globe during the first half of the 20th century. In 1922, Douhet served briefly as commissioner of aviation in Mussolini’s Fascist government and then retired. He died in 1930. q 11/21/02 1:37 PM Page 32 32 CLAIRE CHENNAULT Boelcke based his thinking on an old military axiom that states: All other factors being equal, the difference in firepower between opposing forces lies not simply in the difference in the number of guns on each side, but rather in the square of the difference when those guns are concentrated.

The early models, through to the P-40C, were called Tomahawk; the next series, through to the P-40E, Kittyhawk; and the final series, Warhawk. The P-40 Tomahawks flown by the American Volunteer Group (AVG) in China were a cross between the B and C versions, that is, they were P-40Bs with some last-minute improvements added, namely, improved self-sealing fuel tanks and the addition of two more wing guns. With these enhancements, the AVG Tomahawks approximated what the army designated as P-40Cs. In the hands of a talented pilot, the P-40 could—and did—outfight the vaunted Japanese Zero.

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