Ciba Foundation Symposium - Adrenergic Mechanisms by with J.R. Vane Edited by G.E.W. Wolstenholme & Maeve

By with J.R. Vane Edited by G.E.W. Wolstenholme & Maeve O'Connor

Chapter 1 beginning tackle (pages 1–5): Sir Henry Dale
Chapter 2 Formation of Adrenergic Transmitters (pages 6–16): H. J. Schumann
Chapter three Formation of Adrenaline and Noradrenaline (pages 17–27): Norman Kirshner
Chapter four The destiny of Adrenaline and Noradrenaline (pages 27–39): Julius Axelrod
Chapter five 3?Methoxy?4?Hydroxymandelic Acid Excretion in Phaeochromocytoma (pages 40–44): M. Sandler and C. R. J. Ruthven
Chapter 6 The Metabolism of [??14C](±)?Adrenaline within the Cat (pages 45–60): Norman Kirshner
Chapter 7 Chairman's beginning comments (pages 61–62): H. Blaschko
Chapter eight foundation, improvement and Distribution of Chromaffin Cells (pages 63–82): J. D. Boyd
Chapter nine The garage of Amines within the Chromaffin phone (pages 83–99): Paul Hagen and Russell J. Barrnett
Chapter 10 a few Observations at the Synthesis and garage of Catechol Amines within the Adrenaline?Containing Cells of the Suprarenal Medulla (pages 100–102): A. Bertler, N. A. Hillarp and E. Rosengren
Chapter eleven mobile sorts of the Adrenal Medulla (pages 103–110): Olavi Eranko
Chapter 12 Chairman's beginning comments (pages 111–115): J. H. Gaddum
Chapter thirteen unlock of Sympathetic Transmitter via Nerve Stimulation (pages 116–130): G. L. Brown
Chapter 14 Interference with the discharge of Transmitter according to Nerve Stimulation (pages 131–147): W. A. Bain
Chapter 15 the results of Bretylium and Allied brokers on Adrenergic Neurones (pages 148–157): A. F. Green
Chapter sixteen The endurance of Adrenergic Nerve Conduction After TM IO or Bretylium within the Cat (pages 158–161): ok. A. Exley
Chapter 17 a few Pharmacological houses of Guanethidine (pages 162–172): H. J. Bein
Chapter 18 results of Adrenaline, Noradrenaline and Isopropylnoradrenaline in guy (pages 173–189): Jean Ginsburg and A. F. Cobbold
Chapter 19 results of Catechol Amines on Consecutive Vascular Sections (pages 190–200): Bjorn Folkow
Chapter 20 medical results of substances which forestall the discharge of Adrenergic Transmitter (pages 201–208): D. R. Laurence and M. L. Rosenheim
Chapter 21 Bretylium (pages 209–219): R. W. D. Turner
Chapter 22 Chairman's starting feedback: the concept that of Receptors (pages 220–222): H. O. Schild
Chapter 23 Relationships among Agonists, Antagonists and Receptor websites (pages 223–245): B. Belleau
Chapter 24 Receptors for Sympathomimetic Amines (pages 246–252): Robert F. Furchgott
Chapter 25 Sympathomimetic medicinal drugs and Their Receptors (pages 253–263): E. J. Ariens
Chapter 26 numerous different types of Receptors for Sympathomimetic medications (pages 264–274): E. J. Ariens
Chapter 27 Biophysical adjustments Produced by means of Adrenaline and Noradrenaline (pages 275–287): Edith Bulbring
Chapter 28 impression of Adrenaline on Depolarized soft Muscle (pages 288–294): H. O. Schild
Chapter 29 The Relation of Adenosine?3?, 5??Phosphate to the motion of Catechol Amines (pages 295–304): E. W. Sutherland and T. W. Rall
Chapter 30 The motion of Adrenaline on Carbohydrate Metabolism relating to a few of Its Pharmacodynamic results (pages 305–322): Lennart Lundholm and Ella Mohme?Lundholm
Chapter 31 Chairman's commencing feedback (pages 323–325): U. S. von Euler
Chapter 32 Tyramine and different Amines as Noradrenaline?Releasing components (pages 326–336): J. H. Burn
Chapter 33 a few Observations at the results of Tyramine (pages 337–355): P. A. Nasmyth
Chapter 34 The activities of Sympathomimetic Amines on Tryptamine Receptors (pages 356–372): J. R. Vane
Chapter 35 The Depolarizing and blocking off motion of Amphetamine within the Cat's better Cervical Ganglion (pages 373–381): H. Reinert
Chapter 36 Chairman's beginning comments (pages 382–385): Marthe Vogt
Chapter 37 a few principal activities of Adrenaline and Noradrenaline whilst Administered into the Cerebral Ventricles (pages 386–392): Floyd R. Domer and W. Feldberg
Chapter 38 Intervention of an Adrenergic Mechanism in the course of mind Stem Reticular Activation (pages 393–409): P. Dell
Chapter 39 Electrophysiological proof with regards to the position of Adrenaline within the crucial apprehensive procedure (pages 410–420): P. B. Bradley
Chapter forty The Passage of Catechol Amines during the Blood?Brain Barrier (pages 421–423): H. Weil?Malherbe
Chapter forty-one liberate of an Adrenaline?Like Substance through electric Stimulation of the mind Stem (pages 424–431): E. Marley
Chapter forty two at the Biochemistry and attainable capabilities of Dopamine and Noradrenaline in mind (pages 432–439): Arvid Carlsson, Margit Lindqvist and Tor Magnusson
Chapter forty three Awakening activities of Derivatives of Phenylalanine (pages 440–445): T. L. Chrusciel
Chapter forty four medical results of Amine Oxidase Inhibitors (pages 446–453): R. T. C. Pratt
Chapter forty five medical effects with Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors in Psychiatry (pages 454–462): Arno Voelkel
Chapter forty six brief communique: particular Antagonism of Dibenamine to Ergometrine (pages 463–465): H. Konzett
Chapter forty seven brief verbal exchange: Adrenergic Mechanisms in irritation (pages 466–468): D. A. Willoughby and W. G. Spector
Chapter forty eight Thermoregulation in infant Animals (pages 469–471): R. E. Moore
Chapter forty nine Chairman's final feedback (page 472): J. H. Burn
Chapter 50 Chairman's establishing feedback (pages 473–480): H. Blaschko
Chapter fifty one brief verbal exchange: a few difficulties in regards to the garage of Catechol Amines within the Adrenal Medulla (pages 481–501): N. A. Hillarp
Chapter fifty two brief communique: a brand new Adrenergic Mechanism (pages 502–537): J. H. Burn
Chapter fifty three Observations at the Localization of Noradrenaline in Homogenates of Dog's Hypothalamus (pages 539–543): T. L. Chrusciel
Chapter fifty four Synthesis of Catechol Amines within the Depleted mind (pages 544–587): H. Weil?Malherbe
Chapter fifty five Chairman's precis (pages 588–594): J. H. Gaddum

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J. (1959). Naunyn-Schnriedeberg’s Arch. exp. Path. , 236, 474. 16 H. J. S C H ~ M A N N H. J. (1960~). Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Arch. exp. Path. , 238, 41. SCHUMANN, H. J. (1960b). To be published. SCHUMANN, H. , and HELLER, I. (1960). Unpublished. SHEPHERD, D. , and WEST,G. B. (1953). Phhysiol. ), 120, IS. , and WYNGAARDEN, I. B. (1956). Biochim. biophys. Ada, 20~48. WESTERMANN, E. (1957). Biochem. , 328, 405. , and KNELL, J. (1958). Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Arch. exp. Path. , 234, 194. SCHUMANN, ADRENERGIC MECHANISMS G .

This enzyme is in the microsomes of the liver and requires reduced triphosphopyridine nucleotide and oxygen. The conversion of metanephrine to adrenaline in uivo has also been observed to occur in a number of animal species (Kopin, unpublished observations). Enzymes that can N-demethylate nietanephrine to normetanephrine in vitro but not in uivo have been found (Axelrod, unpublished observations). , 195s). In certain species, an important pathway for the metabolism of nietanephrine and nornietanephrine is the conjugation with glucuronic acid.

The distribution of catechol O-methyl transferase is ubiquitous. It has been found to be present in all mammalian species examined thus far. Enzyme activity has been observed in all organ tissues except skeletal muscle and plasma. Catechol O-methyl transferase has also been found in glandular tissues (salivary, thyroid, pancreas, adeno- and neuro-hypophysis and adrenal), blood vessels, white and red blood cells, sympathetic FATE O F A D R E N A L I N E A N D N O R A D R E N A L I N E 33 ganglia, pre- and postganglionic sympathetic and parasympathetic fibres (Axelrod, Albers and Clemente, 1959).

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