Chromosomes : organization and function by Adrian T. Sumner

By Adrian T. Sumner

Integrating classical wisdom of chromosome supplier with fresh molecular and practical findings, this ebook provides an updated view of chromosome supplier and serve as for complicated undergraduate scholars learning genetics. The corporation and behavior of chromosomes is valuable to genetics and the equivalent segregation of genes and chromosomes into daughter cells at phone department is key. this article goals to supply a transparent and simple rationalization of those complicated processes.
Following a quick historic advent, the textual content covers the subjects of mobilephone cycle dynamics and DNA replication; mitosis and meiosis; the supplier of DNA into chromatin; the association of chromosomes in interphase; euchromatin and heterochromatin; nucleolus organisers; centromeres and telomeres; lampbrush and polytene chromosomes; chromosomes and evolution; chromosomes and sickness, and synthetic chromosomes. issues are illustrated with examples from a wide selection of organisms, together with fungi, crops, invertebrates and vertebrates. This ebook could be helpful source for plant, animal and human geneticists and mobile biologists.

Originally a zoologist, Adrian Sumner has spent over 25 years learning human and different mammalian chromosomes with the scientific learn Council (UK). one of many pioneers of chromosome banding, he has used electron microscopy and immunofluorescence to check chromosome employer and serve as, and latterly has studied components fascinated with chromosome separation at mitosis. Adrian is an affiliate Editor of the magazine Chromosome study, acts as a specialist biologist and is additionally Chair of the Committee of the foreign Chromosome Conferences.

  • The newest assessment of chromosomes in all their forms.
  • Introduces state-of-the-art subject matters reminiscent of man made chromosomes and experiences of telomere biology.
  • Describes the tools used to review chromosomes.
  • The ideal supplement to Turner.

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