Celibacy and Transmutation of Sexual Energy for Deeper by Russell Symonds

By Russell Symonds

The ecstatic transmutation of celibacy may be by way of a ways the main interesting event you can still ever have! study and grasp the best secrets and techniques ever advised of ways to take pleasure in completely amazing bliss and limitless sexual energy!

Just as humankind has realized to grasp and keep watch over many average forces on the planet, a yogi (or yogini) is a truly targeted (and regrettably infrequent) person who is inclination is to regulate and grasp the internal forces of nature, similar to techniques, feelings, cravings, and needs, specially the organic strength of sexual power.

The yogi or yogini manages to effectively grasp his or her feelings and sexual strength no longer by means of strength, yet via actual self-discipline, purification of mind and physique cells after which by way of absorption of significant prana. The transmutation of intercourse into pleasure, internal peace, bliss, pleasure and unconditional love is the glorious finish result.

One of the best mysteries of existence is intercourse, sexual hope, and sexual strength. notwithstanding, while sexual strength is misplaced within the technique of reproductive task, the religious aspect frequently suffers. Sexual energy can and may be conserved to create a refined organic power substance known as "ojas" that are utilized by yogis to reinforce their meditations and powers vastly.

A yes point of expertise in samadhi can merely be completed whereas being celibate and residing on in simple terms the main traditional nutrition whereas fasting among each meal so long as conveniently attainable and flooding each mobilephone within the physique with the transmuting essence of prana.

Subjects coated comprise the next chapters:

Chapter 1 - how to preserve important Sexual power for Bliss

Chapter 2 - advantages of protecting Sexual power and Transmutation

Chapter three - intercourse is Nature's maximum Deception

Chapter four - Is Celibacy the trail again to Paradise?

Chapter five - the life-style of happy Sexual power Expansion

Chapter 6 - preserve Sexual Fluid for higher mental Health

Chapter 7 - Transcending Metabolism to Rejuvenate physique Cells

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Also exercise on a regular basis. Jump rope is ideal for improving circulation, and building up strength without having to go to the gym. Meditate regularly! Learn how to focus your mind very carefully to the exclusion of all other thoughts. Imagine your creative urge energy flowing up your spine like a white stream of light flowing up to a ball of white light above your head. Learn how to concentrate in your third eye or above your head, especially if you are concerned you might be feeling too sensual.

As long as one prevents one’s creative energy from getting diffused or drained into the endless quagmire of lust, it remains easier for the accomplishment of one’s goals, and the expression of higher values such as unconditional love and affection, morality, purity, and spiritual marriage, to remain the main focus of one’s life. Obviously, if it weren’t so easy (unfortunate) to keep falling into this quagmire, there would be far wider acceptance and knowledge of the obvious ecological, economic, social, physical and mental health benefits of celibacy.

However, once one is fully established on the path of celibacy, transmutation and regular deep meditation, one eventually achieves complete, permanent freedom from all the suffering and limitations of the physical body and after death, freedom from the need to reincarnate into yet another physical body. In very advanced stages, a complete mastery over life, breath, and death is possible, and that one can enjoy not only blissful freedom from a physical body, but also fantastic physical health, indefinite cellular regeneration, and absolute memory recall of every moment in this lifetime and all past lifetimes.

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