Bonne Chance! by Richard Wiles

By Richard Wiles

Deep within the Limousin geographical region, Richard Wiles obtained his dream domestic. yet little did he count on to be residing complete time within the dilapidated farmhouse whereas suffering to complete the conversion in the course of the insect plagues of summer season and the tough blizzards of iciness. Watched by means of his bemused associates, Richard additionally pursues his more odd desires of elevating llamas, hot-air ballooning, and marathon operating while attempting to retain the roof over his head. instructed with unfailing humor and optimism, it is a certain story of overcoming the bold demanding situations of establishing a house, and a lifestyles, in France.

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Thursday’s Boy seemed to glower menacingly at me from the other side of the fence. ‘Oh, Richard! ‘ow could you! ‘e ees not that bad! ‘e ees only two month younger than Talisman. ‘e just needs to fill out a little bit. ’ ‘Hmm. Fascinating. ’ said Al, giving me a playful push which, catching me unawares, sent me sprawling into the wire fence. At this kerfuffle both llamas turned on their heels and pelted off across the orchard. Bernard shrugged. ‘Anyway, it’s no problem. You can see the other young boys if you don’t like Thursday,’ said Bernard.

The tractor was no exception. I had soon become practised at greasing the many nipples that protruded from the tractor’s body, but the myriad hoses, pipes, nuts, bolts and adjustment knobs, screws and levers that protruded from its oil-smeared engine compartment performed functions that would ever remain a mystery to me. I admired the machine for its aesthetic qualities, although its overall design seemed more reminiscent of a child’s imaginative misrepresentation of a tractor than of a real vehicle.

Inside the cab was an enormous steering wheel with a disturbing amount of play in its action, a baffling array of dials that did not appear to function and a bank of levers. Alongside the well-sprung driver’s seat was a second seat for the farmer’s assistant, which I considered to be a thoughtful addition on the part of the manufacturers. indd 59 13/12/2005 09:18:21 BONNE CHANCE! numerous antiquated controls for selecting the functions of the universal drive shaft and hydraulic lifting gear that dangled from the rear of the vehicle seemed at first sight to be complex.

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