Black Lies Matter: Why Lies Matter to the Race Grievance by Taleeb Starkes

By Taleeb Starkes

In Chicago a.k.a "Chiraq," the 1st ten days of 2016 yielded a hundred and twenty humans shot. Baltimore's 2015 ended as its bloodiest and deadliest 12 months -- on a per-capita foundation. In 2014, Detroit's police leader known as upon law-abiding voters to take palms opposed to its burgeoning, violent, legal subculture. 

Unfortunately, those towns usually are not anomalies. yr after yr, a doubtless unshakable fact of violence plagues black groups nationwide. 

In truth, given that 1980, blacks have repeatedly accounted for nearly 1/2 America's annual murder sufferers, and greater than half the perpetrators -- all whereas being a minor 13 percentage of the nationwide populace. 

Yet, a undeniable black-based -- which makes a speciality of nurturing cozy lies whereas burying uncomfortable truths -- propagates a thought that "racism" is the main factor dealing with black american citizens, and white police officers are blood-thirsty enforcers. 

Moreover, this crafty, race-peddling entity is aware that it truly is more uncomplicated to misinform blacks than to persuade blacks that they have got been lied to. 

Thus, black "lies" are solid for business... black "lives" are reliable for not anything (except exploitation). 

And almost immediately, company is booming.

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I’m guessing that this phrase is too long and more importantly, too honest for tee-shirts, so BLM settled for the first three words. The Old vs. New Although BLM is tethered to the RGI, it wants to become an independent movement with discernable differences between itself and the grievance vampires of old. At a rally in St.

As long as the democrats continue to validate black victimhood, the Race Grievance Industry will ensure that blacks remain on the democrat plantation. Because of this quid pro quo union, the two entities fit like hands in gloves. ’s gloves. “alleged” gloves It’s no coincidence that cities with predominately black population are usually democrat-controlled. And it’s no coincidence that violence, dysfunction, and poverty are endemic in those places. Characteristically, the democrat party prefers handouts to a hand up, and that’s the reason it doesn’t teach people how to fish; instead, it provides fish sticks.

Dubois were the only blacks. The NAACP’s Founding 8 Having a white or even white-looking person as ambassador of black causes is extremely beneficial to the Race Grievance Industry. Simply put, whites give black organizations credibility. Furthermore, having white or white-looking people as generals spreading the RGI’s generalized lies makes general consumption easier. W. Butterfield, a man who could easily pass as white but is black by a technicality (the "one-drop rule'').  After being outed as a poser, his dedication to racial rabble-rousing has only intensified.

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