Biological Electrochemistry by Glenn Dryhurst (Auth.)

By Glenn Dryhurst (Auth.)

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0. (Reprinted from Erabi et al. ) obtained. Thus, peak l c was absent, but a new peak (peak IV C) appeared as a shoulder on peak l l c. It was concluded [78] that peak IV C did not appear in the original voltammogram of the untreated chromatophores [Fig. , it was masked by peak l l c. Thus, peak IV C was assigned to the voltammetric reduction of rhodoquinone. 0) ( P O C _ 1 7 )0 was thought to be due to one of the active center bacteriochlorophylls. Reduction peak lll c was not characterized. The variation of the voltammetric E p / *2 values for ubiquinone-50 (peak l c) and rhodoquinone (peak IV C) are shown in Fig.

Q + e~ 1 Peak l e Peak I. 2 V. The more negative of these two peaks was shown to be due to reduction of protons. In addition to these processes, a third, small reduction peak was observed at f p = - 0 . 8 2 V (Table VI). This process was attributed to the reduction of the unprotonated quinone species, since it decreased in magnitude with increase in the concentration of the strong proton donor. 6 V if it were the predominate species in solution, it was concluded that the several quinone reduction processes were kinetically controlled.

28, only a relatively slow sweep rate of 156 mV 1 s~ was employed. Under the same conditions, cyclic voltammetry of p-benzoquinone gave the response shown in Fig. 29. In Fig. 29(a), the reduction of p-benzoquinone in the presence of an equivalent amount of H C I 0 4 is seen to be accompanied by reduction peak \VC, which, according to Parker [74], is probably due to electrochemical reduction of protons. O n the reverse, positive-going sweep, only peak l a , due to electrooxidation of p-benzohydroquinone, is observed.

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