Bioactive Fibers and Polymers by J. Vincent Edwards and Tyrone L. Vigo (Eds.)

By J. Vincent Edwards and Tyrone L. Vigo (Eds.)

content material: Biologically energetic fibers in future health care / J. Vincent Edwards and Tyrone L. Vigo --
Retention, unfolding, and deformation of soluble proteins on solids / S.C. Goheen ... [et al.] --
a unique, enzyme-based strategy for the wound-surface removing and decontamination of organophosphorus nerve brokers / Janet ok. Grimsley ... [et al.] --
knowing dressing composition : a biomaterial standpoint / George P. Hansen --
The non-healing wound : mechanisms and dressings / Dorne R. Yager ... [et al.] --
layout, training, and task of cotton gauze to be used in persistent wound study / J. Vincent Edwards ... [et al.] --
A hybrid bioabsorbable wound dressing / A. London Brown ... [et al.] --
Carboxymethylation-cotton for wound care administration / D.V. Parikh --
Arterial grafts as biomedical textiles / Martin Bide ... [et al.] --
Biologically energetic biodegradable biomaterials / C.C. Chu --
Antimicrobial polymers and fibers : retrospective and potential / Tyrone L. Vigo --
choosing antimicrobial efficacy and biocompatibility of handled articles utilizing normal attempt equipment / Beth Gresham Joiner --
Antimicrobials for artificial fibers / Walter Bender and Peter Stutte --Durable and regenerable antimicrobial textiles / Gang solar --
Antimicrobial houses of a unique N-halamine-based cellulose therapy strategy / Jeffrey Williams ... [et al.] --
Biodeterioration of wool through microorganisms and bugs / Jeanette M. Cardamone.

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This broad substrate specificity and the high catalytic turnover rates for OP neurotoxins make ΟΡΗ a promising candidate for ameliorating exposure to these compounds. cat = 1 The genes for other OP-hydrolyzing enzymes have been cloned and their products purified (5,6); however, ΟΡΗ has been the most extensively studied enzyme. It is the only enzyme known to hydrolyze the Ρ — S bond at significant rates (7,8). The catalytic mechanism of ΟΡΗ proceeds via a S 2 process in which an activated water molecule attacks the phosphoryl center of the substrate (Figure 1) (9).

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