Beginning PHP5, Apache and MySQL Web Development by Elizabeth Naramore

By Elizabeth Naramore

Personal home page, Apache, and MySQL are the 3 key open resource applied sciences that shape the foundation for many energetic net servers. This new version courses you thru the total means of constructing your personal website and walks you thru each step, from the install of Hypertext Preprocessor, Apache, and MySQL to database administration, defense, and integration with different applied sciences.

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PHP can also be written as a standalone program, with no HTML at all. This is helpful for storing your connection variables, redirecting your visitors to another page of your site, or performing other functions discussed in this book. The Rules of PHP Syntax One of the benefits of using PHP is that it is relatively simple and straightforward. As with any computer language, there is usually more than one way to perform the same function. Once you feel comfortable writing some PHP programs, you can research shortcuts to make your code more efficient.

Info Configuring Your Installation 5. Because you want to set up a secure service, you want to change the blank user for the localhost host. 07 sec) The time it takes to process the query may differ based on the speed of your computer, but the important thing here is that you get the “OK” from the MySQL gods. 6. Then get out of MySQL again and reset the users by entering the following: mysql> quit c:\>c:\mysql\bin\mysqladmin -u root reload c:\>c:\mysql\bin\mysqladmin -u root password mysqlpass 7.

Body> 4. php and open it in your browser. Your screen should look like the one in Figure 2-5. Figure 2-5 5. Now click the link and see what you get (see Figure 2-6). You see the value for $favmovie as “Stripes” in the URL, as shown in Figure 2-6, but notice there is nothing shown for the value in the body of your page, nor in the title as it’s supposed to be. ini file, you will see the “undefined variable” error message. info Chapter 2 Figure 2-6 What went wrong? You guessed correctly if you said register_globals!

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