Beginner's Shona (Chishona) (Hippocrene Beginner's Series) by Aquilina Mawadza

By Aquilina Mawadza

Shona, a Bantu language, is spoken in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. This dictionary and phrasebook positive aspects the ChiShona dialect. incorporated are vocabulary sections, a phrasebook, pronunciation advice, a quick define of the language's grammar and data approximately neighborhood tradition.

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D oÕ _s,À- tl (D ô ++ ++ ì(D @ a U. x çâ @ z ='E 5 > ôI N oe a çt) (D d. {. ' d. Ird (t) ôr Yr ôír F ì ti !! <ã ' É ã tr \ dã ÉÉã Ë F <Ê 9H t + 3 ã'ff H ãOèô^. $ Ëg ËË ËgFãí BãFi 3 NE Ê iE ï É ËEFFE; È; UA H 'J. >, r1 ÌJO :a ! '+ã 5 ã' . :. ã P H- ì' À)(d +? ç í ã Eg TããIE _ o. :.. ) :ã . ãxP É :. 3 P 'i o ( a

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