Astro Cycles and Speculative Markets by L. J. Jensen

By L. J. Jensen

Initially released in 1935 this e-book is an genuine vintage together with of the simplest "How-To" books on monetary Astrology ever written mixed into one quantity. Over fifty years of research, study, and real program of his suggestions within the inventory and commodity markets have confirmed Jensen to be one of many maximum astro-economic analysts of all time. Concise and to the purpose, the tools proven during this publication are getting used at the present time through one of the most profitable deepest investors, and big businesses.

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The planets are inserted in the same zodiacal signs, degrees and minutes as in the radix chart. A new Part of Fortune position is calculated according to the revised Ascendant. DECANATE PLANETARY RULERSHIPS CRITICAL DEGREES (Planets or house cusps in these degrees have intensified effects) Aries l o , 13", 26". Taurus go, 21'. Gemini 4", 17". Cancer l o , 13", 26". Leo go, 21". Virgo 4', 17'. Libra lo, 13", 26". Scorpio go, 21'. Sagittarius 4", 17". Capricorn l o , 13', 26". Aquarius go, 21". Pisces 4', 17".

Often, to keep data clarified, it is well to consider waxing and waning aspects; as the angular relationship narrows it is waxing; as it widens it is waning. For example a waxing trine is labeled 120' while a waning trine is labeled 240". h0, the 45O, 90•‹, 135O, 180'. The trines relate to IS0,30•‹,60•‹, 120•‹,etc, but note 135' relates to 4S0 also. Apparent contradiction is adjusted by noting the nature of the planets involved; a benefic such as Jupiter and Venus would have an aspect of the bullish tendencies.

When some facility has been acquired in co-ordinating the planets in their House Signs, then their Sign Houses, their aspect relationships from the proper ephemeris, on your note pad, refer to the Keywords in the group arrangement which follows for your budding interpretation progress. In the course of time you then will want to cast complete charted figures using the Table of Houses already mentioned. Locations selected as mentioned also start with the Ingresses and then the Lunations. COMBINING SIGN-HOUSES WITH HOUSE-SIGNS CHAPTER TWELVE COMBINING SIGN-HOUSES W I T H HOUSE-SIGNS AND ASPECTS Trend conditions a t any given time are vital in any investment action.

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