Aspects of science by Sir C V Raman

By Sir C V Raman

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Moreover, 32 Epigenetics and Pathology transcriptional analysis on the pS2/TFF1 during cell cycles reveals that DNMTs carry out two distinct actions, namely methylation and demethylation of CpGs [119]. In comparison to the male germ line in which the establishment of ICR methylation of an imprinted gene, H19, is regulated by DNMT3a and DNMTL [109,113], DNMT3L is the de novo methylating regulatory factor for the female germ line [109]. In the female germ line, DNMT3L establishes the methylation of ICRs that selectively interact with histone H3 [120].

48. Hemberger M, Dean W, Reik W. Epigenetic dynamics of stem cells and cell lineage commitment: digging Waddington's canal. Nature Reviews in Molecular Cell Biology 2009, 10: 526–537. doi: 10. 1038/nrm2727. 49. Ferguson-Smith AC, Surani MA. Imprinting and the epigenetic asymmetry between parental genomes. Science 2001, 293: 1086–1089. 50. Relton CL, Davey Smith G. Is epidemiology ready for epigenetics? International Journal of Epidemiology 2012, 41: 5–9. 51. Baccarelli A, Ghosh S. Environmental exposures, epigenetics and cardiovascular disease.

Cytosine residue of CpG is the site for DNA methylation by which gene expression is regulated. Generally, DNA methylation at CpG sequences suppresses the expression of the methylated gene [61]. CpG islands are usually located within repetitive elements such as centromic repeats, satellite sequences and ribosomal RNA genes [62,63]. DNA methylation can be varied in terms of patterns and the level of global/regional DNA methylation, is specific to developmental stages [64] and origin of tissue [16,65].

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