ASIAN HIGHLANDS PERSPECTIVES Volume 21: Collected Papers by Charles Kevin Stuart, Gerald Roche, Tshe dbang rdo rje,

By Charles Kevin Stuart, Gerald Roche, Tshe dbang rdo rje, Timothy Thurston, and Rin chen rdo rje (editors); various authors

A house for the potential: Globalization and English Language studying for Tibetan scholars in China
Rebecca Clothey and Elena McKinlay

An A mdo Tibetan Pastoralists' kin Lo sar in Stong skor Village
Timothy Thurston and Tsering Samdrup

Hail Prevention Rituals and formality Practitioners in Northeast A mdo
Rdo rje don grub

Pyramid Schemes at the Tibetan Plateau
Devin Gonier and Rgyal yum sgrol ma

Tibetans and Muslims in Northwest China: financial and Political elements of a fancy Relationship
Bianca Horlemann

Sacred Dairies, Dairymen, and Buffaloes of the Nilgiri Mountains in South India
Anthony Walker

An A mdo Family's source of revenue and costs in 2011
Rdo rje bkra shis, Rta mgrin bkra shis, CK Stuart

Architecture within the bo, 'Brug chu, and Co ne Counties, Gannan Tibetan independent Prefecture, Gansu Province
Chos dbyings rdo rje

Change, recognition, and Hair: a feminine ceremony of Passage in Mtha' ba Village
Blo bzang tshe ring, Don 'grub sgrol ma, Gerald Roche, and CK Stuart

A university Student
'Phrin las nyi ma

Set loose through Tragedy
G.yang mtsho skyid

Who is to Blame?
Klu rgyal 'bum

Young Love
Bkra shis rab rten

Silent as a wintry weather Cuckoo
Pad+ma dbang chen

QQ Destiny
Pad+ma dbang chen

Review - China's final Imperial Frontier and The Sichuan Frontier and Tibet
Robert Entenmann

Review - Harnessing Fortune
Lisa C Fischler

Review - Inter-Ethnic Dynamics in Asia
Philippe Ramirez

Review - Spirits of the Place
William B Noseworthy

Review - relocating Mountains
William B Noseworthy

Review - the whole Works of Zhuang Xueben
Amy Holmes-Tagchungdarpa

Review - non secular Revival within the Tibetan Borderlands
Bo Wang

Review - The sunlight Rises
Mark Bender

Review - Tibetan Buddhists within the Making of contemporary China (Chinese Edition)
Dan Smyer Yu and Zomkyi Drolma

Review - Labrang Monastery
Christina Kilby Robinson

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The noodles were made from dough consisting of water and wheat flour that was rolled flat, coated with canola oil on both sides, and then cut into long strips. As the broth heated, the strips were flattened by hand and two or three people pulled bits off with their thumb and forefinger, flinging them directly into the broth. When guests were present, large amounts of mutton were boiled in the same broth and made available first to the guests and then to family members. Adult males and guests ate first, while children and women ate later.

Mahwah: New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publishers. Wan, M. 2004. Ethnic Diversity and Citizenship Education in The People's Republic of China in J Banks (ed) Diversity and Citizenship Education: Global Perspectives. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass, 355-376. Wang, C and Q Zhou. 2003. Minority Education in China: From State's Preferential Policies to Dislocated Tibetan Schools. Educational Studies 29(1):85-104. Wang, L. 2004. When English Becomes Big Business in K Tam and T Weiss (eds) English and Globalization: Perspectives from Hong Kong and Mainland China.

In 2010, the family had approximately 150 rams, 120 ewes, seventy lambs, sixteen cows, one mdzo mo (a female, yak-cow hybrid), three horses, and two dozen goats. Ewes give birth in winter, and the herd had many weak mothers and newborns during this period, which were separated from the flock with their young early in the morning and fed a mixture of hay and canola seeds. The remaining ewes and goats were sent out to pasture without receiving fodder. The cows were then milked and, afterwards, hay was put out for them to eat during the day.

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