Asian Highlands Perspectives, Vol. 15: Rgyal Tibetan Village by G.yu 'brug, C.K. Stuart

By G.yu 'brug, C.K. Stuart

This examine of Rgyas bzang (Jizong) Village features a short precis of G.yu 'brug's lifestyles, neighborhood languages and site, agriculture, napping, consuming, childbirth and baby elevating, stone homes, stone towers, taboos and customs, folktales, a quick tale, annual non secular rituals, demise rituals, pilgrimage to Mount Dmu rdo, marriage, schooling, a thesaurus of non-English phrases, a Rgyas bzang Tibetan Dialect-English thesaurus, and an English-Rgyas bzang Tibetan Dialect glossary.

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Painful feet cause some women to require a walking stick while hauling wood. Children frequently stop attending class to help cut wood. cn, accessed 13 September 2010. •57• The local government implemented a policy of converting arable land to forest in 1999. Villagers were given about 125 kilograms of rice per mu12 per year as compensation. If villagers tell government workers they have plenty of rice, they receive about 1,500 RMB a year in lieu of the rice. Villagers are very pleased with this policy.

Tibetan traditional arts shop in Brag mgo. •52• •53• VILLAGE INTRODUCTION Rgyas bzang Village is a Tibetan farming community and home to fifty-five households (280 residents). It is located in Kha mdo Township, which is composed of Brag tse (Shuizi yi cun), Kha mdo (Shuizi er cun), Mo sdod (Shuizi san cun),10 Khrims ra (Changna), La rgyab (Najiao), Sgang bzang (Gezong), Rgyas bzang, Kho lo (Keli), and Stag mo (Dama) villages. The population of these villages is given below: Table One. Village population and names in Kha mdo Township.

24 Cutting trees and other plants is forbidden in this sacred forest. 25 Mountaintop meadow. The shape of the mountain resembles a bird's head.

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