Analisis infinitesimal by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

By Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

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For b ∈ A we let R[−b] be the A-graded free R-module of rank 1 whose generator has A-degree b. Let (F• , φ) : φp φ1 0−→Fp −→ · · · · · · −→F1 −→F0 −→R/I−→0, be a minimal A-graded free resolution of R/I. The i-Betti number of R/I of Adegree b, βi,b (R/I), equals the rank of the R-summand of Fi of A-degree b: βi,b (R/I) = dimk Tori (R/I, k)b and is an invariant of I, see [16]. The degrees b for which βi,b (R/I) = 0 are called i-Betti degrees. The minimal elements of the set {b : βi,b (R/I) = 0} are called minimal i-Betti degrees.

We let the indispensable 0-syzygies of R/IL to be the indispensable binomials of IL . We extend the definition of indispensability for i-syzygies, (i ≥ 0), and any A-homogeneous ideal I. 3. Let (F• , φ, B) be a based complex. We say that (F• , φ, B) is an indispensable complex of R/I if for each based minimal simple free resolution (G• , θ, C) of R/I where C0 = {1}, there is an injective based homomorphism ω : (F• , φ, B) → (G• , θ, C) such that ω0 = idR . If B = (Bj ) and E ∈ Bi+1 we say that φi+1 (E) ∈ Fi is an indispensable i-syzygy of R/I.

R(−d)β1 → R → k[∆∗ ] → 0, where R = k[x1 , . . , xn ]. This criterion is a strong tool in the determination of Cohen-Macaulay Stanley-Reisner rings and it is used in many papers. In [TY2], Terai and Yoshida proved that Stanley-Reisner rings having a sufficiently large 1991 Mathematics Subject Classification. Primary 13H10; Secondary 13D02 . Key words and phrases. Stanley-Reisner ring, Cohen-Macaulay, Buchsbaum. The second author was supported in part by Regional Research Grant A1UNIRC017 from Calabria (2008).

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