Advances in the Theory of the Lexicon (Interface by Dieter Wunderlich

By Dieter Wunderlich

The ebook investigates the interface constitution of the lexicon from a variety of views, together with typology and processing. It surveys paintings on verb periods, verb-noun similarities, semantic representations, options and structures of polysynthetic languages, study at the processing of inflectional and derivational parts, and new paintings on inheritance-based community versions. The e-book might be of curiosity to researchers and complex scholars in all fields of linguistics and within the cognitive sciences.

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The elucidating criticism of the sometimes anarchistic use of linguistic terminology in Aronoff (1994: 5–8). Concepts of the lexicon in theoretical linguistics 51 irregular linguistic knowledge. Including the mainstream in derivational Generative Grammar as well as most other approaches to linguistics, however, there is agreement that the set of irregular linguistic information plays a significant role in modelling linguistic knowledge. Especially in the Bloomfieldian tradition of Structural Linguistics, this set was captured by the term lexicon, indicating the second concept expressed by this word.

This diversity stems to a certain extent from the difference between the use of words in colloquial language as opposed to scientific language. Another source of the unstable characteristics of the word lexicon is the fact that words usually change their meanings in the course of time and especially in the development of scientific theories. In order to yield a better understanding of the name ‘Theory of the Lexicon’, we will start with a broad overview of the diversity of the possible meanings of the word lexicon by citing a number of entries in relevant dictionaries and handbooks.

S. ), 184–221. Waltham: Ginn & Co (Reprinted in Chomsky 1972b: 11–61). 1970 b Deep structure, surface structure, and semantic interpretation. In Studies in General and Oriental Linguistics Presented to Shiro Hattori an the Occasion of his Sixtieth Birthday, R. Jacobson and S. ). Tokio: TEC (Reprinted in Chomsky 1972b: 62–119). 1972 a Some empirical issues in the theory of transformational grammar. In The Goals of Linguistic Theory, S. ). Englewood Cliffs: Prentice-Hall (Reprinted in Chomsky 1972b: 120–202).

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