Abraham Pressman Switching Power Supply Design by Abraham Pressman, Keith Billings, Taylor Morey

By Abraham Pressman, Keith Billings, Taylor Morey

Классическая, по праву считающаяся одной из лучших, книга по разработке импульсных источников питания.
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Содержит массу примеров расчётов, без излишнего теоретизирования.

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A recommended practice is usually an upgrade of guidelines, and a standard is usually an upgrade of a recommended practice. The main reasons for setting guidelines, recommendations, and standards in power systems with nonsinusoidal voltages or currents are to keep disturbances to user equipment within permissible limits, to provide uniform terminology and test procedures for power quality problems, and to provide a common basis on which a wide range of engineering is referenced. There are many standards and related documents that deal with power quality issues.

The singlesource concept is still used for harmonic filter design. Power systems are usually asymmetric. This justifies the need for multiphase harmonic models and power flow that considerably complicates the simulation procedures. For more realistic cases, if more than one harmonic source is present in the power system, the single-source concept can still be used, provided that the interaction between them can be ignored. In these cases, the principle of superposition is relied on to compute the total harmonic distortion throughout the network.

X3 _B N21-f~'] , XC B N2~klQ~~X~X~N2xC x~~_ ~ I '~, r :b Rl~ ~oad . 3 [ "' +Vl~ = a Connection of a delta/zigzag, three-phase transformer with the definition of current for line-to-line load. 46 CHAPTER1 C ]'LC primary A : iLA,~ - C ~ At. i / X4 N2 A X3 Itoad secondary *C ::lJ -od Vload B: ILBH2 H1 x4f< B X3 xB N~Y~ ~N2x( N~2 eL~! 4 Connection of a delta/zigzag, three-phase transformer with the definition of current for line-to-neutral load. (lI~oadl- 10 A) present as illustrated in Fig. 3, draw a phasor diagram of the primary and secondary currents as defined in Fig.

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