A Shifter Christmas by Stephani Hecht

By Stephani Hecht

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That in turn could only mean Noah and his brothers were in deep shit. Chapter Two Noah finally forced himself to slowly turn and face the approaching threat. A half dozen Ravens in human form slowly walked toward them. Dressed in head-to-toe black leather, all the men had pasty white complexions and greasy looking dark hair. Dark, soulless eyes glared at the felines, leaving no doubt that they weren’t coming to have a nice chat. ” Keegan asked. “Me,” Noah answered with unwavering certainty. While he’d been captive, the leader of a flock of Ravens had taken a sadistic interest in Noah.

Let’s get the fuck out of here. ” He paused long enough to retract his blades, then handed Keegan a gun. Since he was under strict orders from Seth and Mitchell to never leave headquarters unarmed, Noah already had one tucked inside his puffy coat and he took it out, his gaze resting wearily on Keegan. ” he asked Andrew. “Hey, I’m not that bad,” Keegan protested. Before Noah could laugh at that comment, the door burst open. Liam and his posse came piling into the hallway. Keegan let out a soft sound of shock, his heart jerking in his chest.

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