A Look at Leninism by Ron Taber

By Ron Taber

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A work-related illness is one which is specifically caused by an employment. If you did not do the job, you would not get the illness or injury or condition. THE STATE OF THE ART IN BODY CARE 51 So what are we looking at here? These are the sorts of illnesses, injuries or conditions that work may be causing our employees: » breathing – breathing in dangerous substances such as asbestos, solvents or dust, causing asthma, bronchitis, or even cancer; » exposure to biological agents – viruses, bacteria and fungi, general sickness, hepatitis, legionnaires’ disease; » exposure to radiation – burns, skin disorders, cancer, eye damage; » heavy lifting – musculoskeletal disorders, sprains and strains, back pain or injury; » high noise levels – tinnitus, deafness; » poor work postures – RSI, upper limb disorders, back pain; » stress – high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, mental illness; and » vibration – vibrational white finger disease, lower back pain, pain in fingers and joints, loss of grip.

More sleep and taking time off are also recommended. Eating properly and sleeping properly – sound advice. Commuting stress Some workers are becoming unhealthy on their way to work. Before they even get to the office door they have already accumulated more than their fair share of stress and poor body care. Obviously managers cannot do anything about uncomfortable and badly designed car and train seats, nor can they do anything about commuter stress caused by delays and long journeys. But they can help the poor worker who has struggled in despite the odds.

When we do our walk round the workplace, what exactly is it we are looking for? What should we be guarding against? 1 shows a list of potential hazards and their repercussions. Staying abreast of current research Of course there is a wide range of factors which can affect the health of your workers that you may be entirely unaware of. The good manager tries to stay abreast of all new research and information as it surfaces. 1 Hazard What to look for The risks Excessive noise Any worker who has to shout to be heard: anyone having difficulty being heard by anyone within 6 feet of them.

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